A Brief History of Pop Art

Pop art started in the USA during the earlier period of the 1960’s. But it was already making its presence felt in the late fifties. Pop art was basically an art movement which aimed to replace the abstract mode of artistic expression with messages that are easier to understand. The pioneers of this art movement … Read more

Different Types of Wall Art For Today’s Homes

There are different types of wall art that you can use to decorate various parts of your house. There are artworks painted on canvas and some that are printed on paper or fabric. Some are framed while others are not. Depending on your home design some may be more suitable than others. Metal Art – … Read more

How To Make An Abstract Painting With A Palette Knife

Have your ever dreamed of making a cool abstract paining for your room or home or office using a palette knife and acrylic paint? By following a few simple steps, you can make an awesome looking abstract painting. The thing that makes it easy is that using a palette knife does not require a great … Read more

Creating Abstract Painting Is Not an Easy Task

You’re an unusual type of budding artist: you want to do everything hands-on! So you’ve researched on how to make the canvases themselves and are ready to begin. Making canvas paintings will achieve your goal of creating a piece of art from absolute start to finished work. Start by thinking of the dimensions you want … Read more

Abstract Art as Therapy

Abstract art is not just a mixture of colourful meaningless patterns and arbitrary shapes. There is, I believe, a definite therapeutic value to be found in most of the enigmatic marks made by the very different styles available today. What appears to be the most important decision to make is a very careful consideration of … Read more