24 Colours Acrylic Flip Cup – Amazing Abstract Painting

Creating amazing cells using 24 acrylic paint mixt with floetrol and silicon oil and using the flip cup technique

Not recommended for people that have Trypophobia
Name of the song?:
-The songs are Emotional Inspiring Piano & Strings, Ambient Inspiring Piano, Ambient Meditation they are from Envato elements

What is the white stuff in the beginning of the video ?
– Is acrylic paint mix with floetrol and a bit of water, it will help the paint flow more easy

What do we add in the acrylic paint ?
We use acrylic paint, mix one to one with Floetrol( a medium to make the paint more fluid) we add some water to get a good consistency and some silicon oil for the cells

What is the tool at the end of the video ?
Is a touch we use it to heart the paint so the air bubbles will pop and that will make more cells appear