Painting Information Is Necessary

Painting is a form of art that applies color, pigment and paint to a surface wall or canvas to express an emotion or idea visually. Painting could be an art form or could be a component in carpentry. Painting may deal with historical or religious matter or it may concern about abstract figures or designs. … Read more

Tiancheng Art 24×48 inch

Tiancheng Art 24x48 inch Abstract Art Canvas Art Paintings Contemporary Artwork 100% Hand-Painted Oil Painting Wall Art for Living Room Ready to Hang for Home Decoration

Oil Paintings Size: 24x48Inch (60x120CM) —100% Handmade item—Materials: oil, canvas—Style: Modern, Abstract—High quality: Palette knife paintings , Made of Imported Fine Acrylic, which can keep colorful permanently without fading and cracking.—Convenient: Stretched and Framed decorative canvas oil paintings set ready to hang for home decorations wall decor, edges are painted,each panel has a black hook … Read more

Different World Views of Art

Art through the centuries acquired different forms and conceptions. First of all there was naturalism, then developed romanticism, and then there was impressionism, followed by cubism, which was followed by surrealism and finally trends moved on to postmodern art. Here I would like to provide my understanding on various schools of art. Naturalism proceeded out … Read more

Abstract Cityscape Wall Art (34” x 20” x 3 Panels)

Abstract Cityscape Canvas Wall Art: City Artwork Picture Painting Prints on Canvas for Bedroom (34'' x 20'' x 3 Panels)

Product Description Abstract City Wall Art City Skyline Wall Artworks Turn that empty space into a statement-making display with this eye-catching New York canvas art, perfect set above your living room mantel or hung in your master suite Liven up your room with this city art wall picture, gives a piece of perfection to yourself … Read more

4 Reason Why Art Socks Are a Great Idea

Socks designed by artists have seen a significant increase in popularity in the last few years. They are being created with inspiration from true artists, as well as actors, sports stars and other personalities. The ability to blend creativity and artistry has resulted in the type of socks that have become a fashion statement and … Read more

IPIC – Abstract Jackson Pollock Style Artwork. Giclee Print on Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor. 36x24x1.5

IPIC - Abstract Jackson Pollock Style Artwork. Giclee Print on Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor. 36x24x1.5

What is Abstract Art and what does it mean? Modern abstract art is fascinating because people seem to have extremely different views on it. Some believe it to be random, confusing, and devoid of meaning. While others proclaim it is the only art that speaks to the soul. Jacson Pollocl style drip painting is a … Read more

Fluidism Art – What Is It and How To Create

Fluidism is a new category of art. It is where both the substrate (the actual material from which a painting is constructed, ie. the paint) and the subject (intellectual motivation from which a painting grows, ie. the meaning, representation or purpose) are the same. Fascinating aspects of reality are born unexpectedly. The calculation works together … Read more

How to Make a Cubism Effect in Photoshop

Before we start on our tutorial in how to make a cubism effect in photoshop, let us have a review in our Art History. Cubism is the most influential, essential, Innovative form of art in the 20th century. It is a complete denial of conventional outset of beauty. It is a joint creation of two … Read more

Analysis of Art Therapy

Abstract Art therapy is not just for children but can be applied to adults with brain injury or impairment. However in this paper I would like to discuss the analysis of art produced by children who are troubled with psychological problems stemming from family discord. Dysfunctional families are now more common than abusive ones. Abusive … Read more