Beliefs Associated with Nautical Star Tattoos

There is no universal agreement about the basic design of nautical star tattoos. But most people agree that the sailors are the inventor of nautical star tattoos. Today the basic design differs according to the belief. Majority of designs are classified according to the points of the star. There are 4, 5,6,7,8 and more points in nautical star tattoos. Following are some of the common beliefs attached with the various nautical star designs that have different points or tips of star.

With four tips

The Nautical star tattoos with four points or tips are supposed to be developed by sailors and marine related people. They argue that it is the representation of compass. Compass shows east, west, north and south directions. So, the design of this type of tattoos must have four points. This argument also leads to the eight pointed designs, since modern compass also points to another four directions like southwest, northeast, southeast and northwest totaling eight directions.

With five tips

Majority of people believes that nautical star tattoos must have five points or tips. This type of design is very popular. If you ask someone to draw a star then they will draw the five pointed star, since it is the first design we learned as a child. You can draw it without lifting your pencil. Five doted star is also known as pentagram. Pentagram represents powerful but often misconceived meaning.

With six tips

Many religious people claim that the true nautical star has six points. Their argument is based on the belief that the Star of David has six points. Pagan God Remphan is also symbolizes with six pointed designs.

With seven tips

There are many fairy tales that has drawings of stars with seven points. It is also believed to represent the childhood or innocence. Some thinks that nautical star tattoos with seven points are a symbol of whimsical mind.

With eight tips

Apart from the sailor’s point of view, there is one religious point of view also. According to some, the eight pointed designs represent the cross of St. John. Some people see the Knight of Malta’s emblem in this type of drawings. Knight of Malta was the most powerful religious organization of Middle East in olden days.

With more than eight tips

Abstract artists of today have created many nautical star tattoos with more than eight points. There are no specific meanings attached to it but individual and some groups attached their own meaning to it.

Reverse pentagon designs

Generally it is believed that the common pentagon has one point upwards. But if the design of pentagon is reversed making the upward point look downward then it is also believed that this type of reverse pentagon design represents witchcraft and Satanism. Some believes that tattooing the upside down pentagon in their body symbolizes their belief to rule over the spirits of others.

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