Fluidism Art – What Is It and How To Create

Fluidism is a new category of art. It is where both the substrate (the actual material from which a painting is constructed, ie. the paint) and the subject (intellectual motivation from which a painting grows, ie. the meaning, representation or purpose) are the same. Fascinating aspects of reality are born unexpectedly. The calculation works together … Read more

How to Make a Cubism Effect in Photoshop

Before we start on our tutorial in how to make a cubism effect in photoshop, let us have a review in our Art History. Cubism is the most influential, essential, Innovative form of art in the 20th century. It is a complete denial of conventional outset of beauty. It is a joint creation of two … Read more

Technique of Watercolor Painting WC04 TOOLS

A painter’s main toolbox plus a number of smaller boxes are needed for all your tools so they can be found quickly. In addition, it is important to know if anyone of them is missing so it can be found before it is required for a specific painting job later. We have said earlier watercolors … Read more

Teenage Bedroom Ideas – Redecorating on a Budget

Most teens spend their time in the bedroom. As a teen’s haven, a bedroom should be comfortable and unique. To elicit good ambiance for studying, redecorating your kid’s bedroom is a good idea. Redecorating does not always need lots of money; with an abundance of creativity, you can create a perfect sanctuary for your teen. … Read more