24 Colours Acrylic Flip Cup – Amazing Abstract Painting

Creating amazing cells using 24 acrylic paint mixt with floetrol and silicon oil and using the flip cup technique Not recommended for people that have Trypophobia FQA: Name of the song?: -The songs are Emotional Inspiring Piano & Strings, Ambient Inspiring Piano, Ambient Meditation they are from Envato elements What is the white stuff in … Read more

Acrylic Pouring String Pull Abstract Floral Painting

Using acrylic pouring and the string pull technique, you can make this brightly colored abstract painting.  Friends, the colors we used in this fluid painting video are so bright and beautiful, we just love them! The final result is a rather abstract one, we pictured a flower. What do you see? Material used: Canvas Acrylic paint … Read more

Easy Landscape

Demonstration of simple abstract landscape painting using various techniques to create a beautiful relaxing scene. ———————————————————– You can purchase this painting here:

Sail Boats

Simple demonstration of abstract painting “Sail boats & Blue water” on canvas using flat brush, rubber brayer, palette knife and acrylic paints from Daily Art Therapy / Day #019 Now you can purchase my first  WORKSHOP VIDEO VOLUME – 1 For more info please visit…. Instagram : Facebook : Facebook :