Egg carton – liquid art you should see!!! – Fluid abstract painting by tiktus

Today we paint an abstract picture again, this time with an egg carton. With this simple fluid painting technique you can create fascinating works of art. Try it out and you will quickly get impressive pictures!

How to paint a picture with an egg box:

What you need is an empty egg carton and liquid acrylic paint (you can find an explanatory step-by-step video in my channel)
Very important, with this painting technique, the color has to be left for 24 hours after mixing, since most of the air bubbles escape. Too many air bubbles would ruin the picture.

So that the bright canvas does not shimmer through later, I painted it black, the rest of the black color is roughly distributed on the canvas so that the egg carton color flows better.

I didn’t use silicone oil because I don’t want any cells in the picture.

I hope I was able to inspire you with this pouring painting technique, if you liked it, I would appreciate a thumbs up or a nice comment.

Creative greetings

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