Madison Park Wall Deco Bronze Blue Bliss Galary 5-Piece Set, Canvas in Decor Boxes, Abstract Style Framed Art, Natural

Reinvigorate your space with the blue bliss gallery art 5 piece set. Featuring abstract designs in shades of blue, grey, and yellow, This set can be arranged in a variety of ways to create an eye-catching display on your wall. Each piece is assembled onto a deco box for structure and finished with a bronze frame for a clean edge and gallery-ready look.

100% Canvas
Panel Size – 1 Canvas: 19. 6″W x 19. 6″H x 1. 61″D, 1 Canvas: 36. 6″W x 16. 6″H x 1. 61″D, 1 Canvas: 21. 6″W x 21. 6″H x 1. 61″D, 1 Canvas: 17. 6″W x 17. 6″H x 1. 61″D, 1 Canvas: 15. 6″W x 19. 6″H x 1. 61″D
Product Features – High quality smooth rolled gel coated canvas 5 piece multi panels wall art which come in ready to hang bronze frame deco box. The 5 panels can be arranged according to your personal preference
Lifestyle – Modern abstract design showcasing beautiful contrast of different shadeds of blue, grey and yellow. The solid bronze color frame highlights the aesthetic abstract appeal of the design
Placement – This wall art has a flexible placement. The 5 panels are great to hang together enable the vibrant color to contrast one another. They also look great individually to accent and decorate any living space
Clean – Spot clean only do not use bleach or any harsh chemical solution to maintain original color quality