Mural Painting – Three Ways Make Money Painting Murals

Mural painting is something that has been used throughout the ages by professionals and amateurs alike to publicly display their individual attitudes, a current theme or outlook on life. It is a colorful way to both express ourselves and the times we live in.


It seems that most mural artwork these days is more like abstract art and colorful cartoon-like styles. A good example is The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” style of artwork. This simplicity in design makes mural painting reachable for any artist who loves to paint.

Murals do not have to be real life types of scenes that only the most advanced artist can create. They can be vibrant, exciting works of color, attitude and style.

They can be murals for kids rooms. They can be artwork for public places like libraries and artwork that is suitable for teens or adults to have on their walls.

Anyone that can map out a wall so that his or her work will have proper form and be in the right proportion can do some nice mural work. Mapping out a large area using grid lines is half the battle. The other half is choosing good colors and design. And also using the right paint medium and then taking the time to do neat quality work.

Below are 3 popular types of murals that you can make money painting…

Murals on Stretched Canvas Frames – I like the idea of canvas frames because you can do all your work in your shop and then bring it to the customer when it is finished. You can even have one piece of art or theme carried out on three large canvas frames.

I have seen some nice abstract artwork done this way. The colors are bright and exciting and will look great in a nice home that has contemporary colors throughout the house. You could sell your work online or in consignment shops.

Wall Murals – this type of mural is usually more advanced when done in a nice home. Painters that do this type of work are generally more of an advanced artist than someone who could do an outside wall mural. That is just my opinion only because I think of exterior wall murals as something more along the lines of sign painting or the artwork done around construction sites in a downtown setting.

But I do know that there is some pretty cool and advanced stuff painted on the sides of buildings. To make money you could find jobs through interior decorators and through word-of-mouth.

Ceiling Murals – like wall murals, ceiling murals are usually the more intricate and advanced types of artwork. One type of ceiling painting that is popular although very few ever master it to its full potential is “star mural painting”. This is done using special formulated paints that glow in the dark. The paints usually glow all night long.

Professionally done star murals can mesmerize anyone whether they are art lovers, stargazers or just looking for something to jazz up their bedroom or game room ceiling. This type of art is not just for kids. After all, most kids would be happy with just plain old stick-on stars on their bedroom ceiling.

This type of art, if done by a professional muralist can even have astronomers in awe. Fortunately though, anyone can do an accurate star mural if you they have a few simple tools and know a few tricks of the trade.

You could find work through showing people sample posters. If you are already in peoples homes doing service work you could leave a poster with them with your name and phone number on it.