The Abstract and Non-Objective Artist – Edmondo Bacci

‘Imaginary Sensory Data’ is a contradiction between ‘imaginary,’ the one lacking factual reality, and ‘real,’ the one perceived by the five senses. Edmondo Bacci, born on July 21, 1913, in Venice, Italy, was the legendary artist, who had mastered the art of forceful expression of imaginary powers, where mundane logics gave way to abstract creativity. He would blend physical and imaginary essence to strike a broad cord of idea, propelled through powerfully symbolic colors.

Edmondo Bacci studied with eminent artists, such as Ettore Tito and Virgilio Guidi, at the Accademia di Belle Arti from 1932 to 1937. During this period, Bacci, in collaboration with Tito, painted a fresco on the ceiling of the church of the Scalzi. Edmondo’s other paintings created during this period, reflected the ravages of war, where ‘Realism’ and color played prominent roles. Significantly, this was a turning point in his life, as his style witnessed a shift to newer ones, especially those used by Vedova.

Edmondo Bacci held his first solo exhibition at the Galleria del Cavallino in the year 1945. He participated in the Venice Biennale, for the first time, in 1948. This was followed by many more appearances at the Biennale. In 1951, he was included in the first Genoa Biennale. In 1953, the artist participated in an exhibition of Spaziale, a group founded by Lucio Fontano, the founder of Spatialism. Bacci was a regular contributor to the Spazialismo exhibitions, which endorsed the manifesto of A.G.Ambrogini.

In the mid 1950s, Edmondo Bacci met Peggy Guggenheim and continued receiving constant support from her. Peggy was instrumental in bringing Bacci in contact with influential collectors. Edmondo Bacci’s artwork again underwent a transformation during this period, wherein, he began using mixtures and mortars. Bacci held a major exhibition at the Galleria del Cavallino in 1955, and in 1956, he held his first solo show in the United States at the Seventy Five Gallery, New York. In 1957, Bacci held exhibitions at Milan, Rome, & Switzerland, and took part in the “Between Space and Earth” exhibition held at the Marlborough Gallery. He also held shows at London, Beverly Hills, and Aschaffenburg, London.

The 1958 Venice Biennale saw Edmondo Bacci securing a separate room for the display of his collection. In 1959, he received a prize of the Municipality of Venice. Edmondo Bacci breathed his last on October 16, 1978 in Venice.