The double measuring cup – fluid art – abstract painting

Today we paint an abstract picture with two measuring cups. With this new casting painting technique, you too can create impressive works of art. Try it and be inspired!

It will be a small challenge to find the right measuring cup. I left my measuring cups lying around where they came from, I do not remember, it was a set of three and they are stackable.

At Amazon I found similar:

The distance of the spouts was too small for my measuring cups, so I increased the distance with two pieces of wood.

In this painting technique, the acrylic paint must rest for 24 hours, so that most of the air bubbles escape. Too many bubbles would ruin the image, so preparation is very important here.

When removing the measuring cup still a small error occurred. I was not fast enough to stop the last drop and had to empty the area.

Here you have to be quick, maybe someone can help you with a piece of cardboard that is used as a color block.

I hope I was able to inspire you with this pouring technique, if you liked it, I look forward to a thumbs up or a nice comment.

Creative greetings

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